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EzCab Promo Code - PTUM2017 4th - 8th December

Pesta Tanglung 2017 will light up Universiti Malaya for 5 days!!
EzCab would like to show our support to Pesta Tanglung 2017 by offering RM5 OFF every EzCab ride to Universiti Malaya throughout the festival!
Let’s go Pesta Tanglung 2017 @UM now!

第十七届马大灯笼节文化活动将点亮马来亚大学 (UM)五天!
为了响应第十七届马大灯笼节文化活动,EzCab将在活动进行期间送出RM5 的折扣给每一位前往马来亚大学 (UM) 参加灯笼节的活动出席者。

For ExCab riders:

Promo Code : PTUM2017

Promo : RM 5

Valid Date : 4th to 8th December 2017