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MyCar Fare Rate For March 2018

MyCar is one the latest Ride Hailing services in Malaysia. Here is their rate for this month.
MyCar Minimal Fare Nationwide : RM 5.00
MyCar KLIA Airport Fare start from : RM55.00
MyCar Holiday Travel Fare (Flat Rate)
KL - Cameron Highland (MPV) : RM 430
KL - Ipoh (Sedan Eco) : RM 280
KL - Melaka (Sedan Eco) : RM 240
KL - PD (Sedan Eco) : RM 180
KB Airport - Jetty Kuala Besut : RM 65
KB Airport - Rantau Panjang : RM 60
Penang - Kulim (Sedan Eco) : RM 40
Penang + Sg Petani : RM 45

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