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We all love Shopback, the cashback platform. ShopBack is a cashback reward program available across Asia-Pacific with over 5 million members on its platform. It allows online shoppers to take a portion of their cash back when they make a purchase through the platform.

How to use  
STEP 1 Go through the link and sign up for free and get RM5 Reward Today:
SignUp here:
Referral code will be applied automatically: 2FPtbS  
STEP 2 Browse through Shopback and purchase from it
STEP 3 You will get cashback in RM cash
STEP 4 You can withdraw RM cash.
ShopBack is the smarter way to shop online: ShopBack offers up to 30% cashback on all your online purchases, on top of giving you access to the latest coupon codes, deals and offers over 500 stores. Hesitate no more and download the app NOW to save money on your purchases like never before – after all, it’s FREE! Get ShopBack NOW:

Screenshot of our account. Shopback really gives you cashback for your online purchases.

We help you save money at and

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Get Cashback on all your Uber and Grab rides, and take only the Cheapest Rides with Rides Comparison Function!
1. First, Sign Up SHOPBACK for free and get RM 10.00 bonus using this link
2. The link will lead you to ShopBack website and a pop-up like the above screenshot will appear. Fill in your email address and your password. Click Sign Up.  Yes, that's it! Very simple sign up process.
3. Install ShopBack app on your smartphone.
Here are the steps to get cashback on all your Grab and Uber Rides.
1. Click on the ShopBack Icon on your smartphone.

2. Click on RIDES (Find a Grab, Uber....)

3. Now, you have two options to continue. Choose Option 1 if you want to compare rates between Uber and Grab.  See which one is cheaper for you to take.  If you choose Option 1, key in the destination you want to go.
If you do not wish to compare rates, choose Option 2 and go straight to either Grab or Uber.

4. If you use Option 1, the above screenshot will appear.  Compare the rates and pick either Grab or Uber by clicking on Ride Now.
5. If you choose Grab, ShopBack will send you to Grab app. You will get RM0.20 cashback with this ride.
6. You will see a certain code on "Notes to driver" column. This is to track your booking. Remember NOT to remove or delete the note/code.  You may also enter your promo code as usual.
No Promo Code? Check here for one that you can use >>
7. If you choose Uber, ShopBack will send you to Uber app. You will get RM0.20 cashback with this ride. If you are a first time Uber user, you will get RM5.00 cash back.

Get cashback when you ride. Register NOW!!

Sign up SHOPBACK for free and get RM10.00 bonus using this link

IMPORTANT! You can get cashback not only from your Uber or Grab Rides. You can also get cashback from your online purchases from STORES listed in ShopBack. Some of the Popular Stores in ShopBack are shown here. Don't forget to use ShopBack for all your ONLINE purchases.
Sign up >

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